The Slateman’sEdit

  • Alik Slateman, High schooler, main character, 17 year old male who goes to school at Eastwood High. He is the Football star Running Back.
  • John Slateman, Vampire hunter, FBI Agent, Alik’s dad, 39 Years old, Former star QB at Eastwood high.
  • Elena Slateman, Alik’s mother, Clothes Designer. 37 years old, Former Eastwood Cheerleader

Eastwood High School studentsEdit

  • James Littz Alik’s best friend, 18 Years old, Star Wide Receiver at Eastwood High

Eastwood High staffEdit

  • Mrs. Isabella Swan- 12th grade English teacher. She was turned into a vampire by her Husband.


  • Gabriella Donella-Vampire, 17 Years old or 185 Years old. Died in 1842 after her family was killed by thieves.
  • Jessica Donella- Vampire, 25 Years old, sister of Gabriella. Died in 1842 after her family was killed by thieves.
  • Woods- Oldest Vampire (3225 Years old)
  • Lorenzo- Brother of Woods.
  • Red Cloud- Native American thief who was killed by Gabriella after her family was killed.
  • Robert Williams- The vampire who killed many people in the town.
  • Jason Peterson
  • Ralph St. Pierre
  • Hugh Swan- Husband of Isabella Swan
  • Katherine Volpe- 3000 year old Vampire Hunter. Turned into a vampire in 1010 BC. She is still alive and has tried to kill Woods for 3000 years.

Donella FamilyEdit

Nick Donella- Grandson of Gabriella.

Warlocks and WitchesEdit

  • John Fairfield- One of Alik’s friends, found out that he is Warlock
  • Lindsay Wilson

Other Minor CharactersEdit

Season One GuestsEdit