Chronicles of a Vampire
Season 1, Episode 0
Episode 100
Title Prologue
Released April 2011
Episode Guide
Chapter 1: Who is she?
Is the prologue to the series.


In a town haunted with paranormal activity lives a teen named Alik Slateman. Well let him tell you about himself.''“I am an average high schooler. Trying to get C’s so i can pass. Trying not to get in trouble. My names Alik Slateman, high school senior. It all started when i was 5 i had an interest into vampires. My parents and friends always tease me. Why are you into that shit, its so dumb. I’ve done so much research and all i get is folklore and mystical creature for vampires. Could there be a force out there we dont know of. Maybe or maybe not. My dad tells me to keep to real life things like sports. I love sports, like football and Baseball.. I tell him I just like to study it and i dont take it seriously. I tell my friends that I dont believe in vampires. I just believe in that there unexplained things we cant explain. I keep a journal of all my writings about vampires, I like to keep it to remind myself of what i like and not of what others think of me. Ok so now that i told you about myself i will now tell you my story.”'Meanwhile a girl moves into town saying she is from New York. She carries a very interesting secret. She is a 170+ old vampire. Will he fall in love with her. or will they just remain friends. Stick around and find out.' ''This story is filled with action packed action. Vampires, Humans, Werewolfs and Demons, even ghosts. This story has them all for a Sci Fi buff. The story takes place in Eastwood, Pennsylvania, that is a hotbed for paranormal activity.